Nothing is perfect

I was speaking to someone today and we were both wondering why our generation (60+) has less trouble tolerating the vagaries and foibles of various churches. We each do not attend one that totally offends us but we take for granted that none is perfect. We just seek out the one whose values are closest to our own.


I think that over the years I have sought a place where I can feel accepted and supported. I have a need to be in a Christian community. I would imagine that may be true of anyone in any faith. I don’t spend time pointing out my differences of opinion or the places where I see the train running off the track. I am entitled to my own thinking however strange it may be to someone else.

meet me halfway

This way of belonging has taken a big hit. More people are anxious to find differences are dwell on them. It’s as if they don’t want any kind of community. The sad part is I don’t think we are by nature loners. We need others for our survival and sanity. At least I do. When things go wrong in my life it is those others who will help me to weather the storm. They may not all be my very best friends but they will go out of their way to help.

I seems that my generation is more willing to compromise and understands that nothing in the world is perfect.

2 thoughts on “Nothing is perfect

  1. Thanks for addressing the challenge many have dealing with what is, what isn’t, and the question of “perfection.

    I prefer to accept that everything in my life is, and always has been perfect, even though i may not have enjoyed the journey in those moments.

    If something is uncomfortable, even painful, I change what i can, and work around what i can’t change. Acceptance and appreciation also help me enjoy the journey, doing the best i can with what i have.

    Life must be perfect because it is my reality. Fortunately, my life has continued to be a perfect fit for me. I also have free will to change what i don’t like in my life and about myself; thankfully, such adjustments are required less often these days.

    And that’s also perfect. LOL


    1. Interesting way to think about your life. I like the idea of thinking it all is and was perfect. A positive way of incorporating even the challenging times. I certainly feel that I have been blessed in this life and am grateful for everything…..even the bad times. As you said, I learned and adapted. The only was to continue on.


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