What else can dogs do?

Today I was out for a while and I returned home to find two happy, tail wagging dogs greeting me as I got out of the car. If only we were always greeted by someone who was so excited to see us our lives would be so much better.

tillie and crash
They look so innocent

The unconditional love given to us by our pets is an example to us. We certainly can learn from them. Recently I read a magazine about animals and there is evidence that dogs can also tell if someone is evil or has bad intentions toward us. We are learning more every day about what they are capable of. We already know that they can smell out cancer, calm those with PTSD, find drugs, and help those with disabilities. I wonder how much we will discover about them in the future.

4 thoughts on “What else can dogs do?

  1. You are so right! Imagine the difference it would make in our lives if we were greeted by others with the same excitement as that of a our loving pets. Better yet, imagine if we greeted others that way!!

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  2. I like how your dog is looking out the window to see who’s coming, while the other dog has a sleep. So cute!
    We’re learning more about what they can do every day. I’ve always thought pets had a healing power!

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