crash with toyTonight was frustrating as people are still shooting off firecrackers. One of our Bassets is terrified of the noise. He is a rescue and we don’t know what happened to him before we got him. Since we also had this problem last night tonight he was frantic. I finally had to give him some benadryl.

I know people enjoy the fireworks but it is hard for dogs like Crash. If I had thought it would be again tonight I would have sedated him earlier. Poor puppy.

5 thoughts on “Frustrating

      1. My Lab, Taz, was never bothered by any noises until the last year of his life. He became increasingly scared of thunderstorms and very clingy, which was fine, I just let him lay in my lap where he felt safe. It’s heartbreaking to see them scared or upset like that. I had nicknamed him the “Walking Heart,” because that’s all he was – love 🙂


      2. Sounds like a wonderful companion. Our Bassets are both rescues so do have some baggage from the past. Usually Crash can be comforted by lying under my legs. (He doesn’t like being held) Nothing seemed to work this time except meds.

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