Don’t hold on

I have spent the day cleaning my office. It goes downhill quickly. I just can’t seem to keep things neat. It has something to do with creating a place for everything. Just when I think everything is going well something appears that I don’t have a place for. I need a “No place for” file. I have tried putting those things in one file where they just sit until I either realize that it was a bill I should have paid or I don’t need it at all and it is just cluttering things up.


The same is true for my life. I hold on to things that I should let go. Eventually I realize that it is time to move on. It is so easy to clutter up our lives with people who are not good for us. We usually can’t see it until they have made us unhappy. There are some people who are just plain negative. Their bad energy can push us down into depression and despair. We think that we need them to make our life livable but the truth is we need to let them go.

let it go2Then there are the memories of the things people have done that we resent. We can hang onto those too and when they crop up the anger and resentment comes with them. You can feel yourself living in that moment.

It is just as important that we let go of the clutter in our minds as the clutter in our physical space. I don’t do it enough. After cleaning my office I feel refreshed. After letting go of anger and resentment I don’t have to feel such bad energy again. It lightens the load.

Remember that both our minds and our spaces have to be cleaned out periodically. Whew! What at relief!

6 thoughts on “Don’t hold on

  1. Part of my daily prayers: “Lord, I give You my mind. Please remove from it anything unholy, untrue, unimportant, and unnecessarily negative. Fill it with what’s true, noble, just, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy.” (Philippians 4:8)


  2. Exactly what I needed to hear. I hold onto to so much hurt and I really struggle to let go. Recently someone hurt me and I am working on letting it go because this person wasn’t worth my time. I pray to be able to let go of old wounds and rejections because 10-15 years later; it serves no purpose. Its not like snapping my fingers and I can automatically let go but i find by writing; reaching out to friends and seeing my therapist; I make progress. Wonderful blog. Thank you


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