Connections matter

I posted this on my other site but realized that I wanted to share it here also.

I have long been a believer in the “butterfly effect.” The idea that somehow we are all connected. I see this in so many ways. There is a wonderful children’s book called “The Invisible String” that tells us that love is one of the ways we are connected and it is the “invisible string” that never goes away even with death.

Sometimes we have a strong feeling of connection to someone we have never physically met. I feel that way about some people I connect with on this blog. I hear their voice through their words. I have a sense of who they are and feel connected. Because I don’t know them otherwise I could be wrong but there is still something there. Kindness and compassion are clearly felt.

We are connected to the people we see in our everyday lives. It could be seeing the same grocery clerk every week or someone we meet for lunch. People touch us in our work. Obviously some of these links can be good or bad but there is still a connection. Each of us has an impact on those around us.

We are connected to those who have gone before us. We may not know about them or we may have heard stories about their lives. They are present in our DNA. We often find that there are personality traits that have been passed on. People say that I look like my great grandmother. Pictures do show a strong connection.

In the church where I worked for years there is a sense in the building of the lives that have gone before. It is something I feel when I sit in silence in the sanctuary. It is as if the “communion of saints” is physically present.

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Don’t doubt that we are all connected. The things that I do each day affects others. Science tells us that nothing is lost…just changed. What I do matters. What you do matters.

12 thoughts on “Connections matter

  1. This goes along with what we discussed on our prayer call this morning about knowing that there are people who need to hear what we have to say and how we say it even if we feel like we see others “saying” or “doing” what we feel God is telling us to “say” or “do.”


  2. Yes absolutely connection always makes a matter , some connections give us good feeling some are not. Very well written 😊👌🌹 thank you very much 😊❤️🌹


      1. 😊🤗❤️❣️💗🌷💕💓👌👍My pleasure. Stay happy and blessed forever ❤️💖🌹


  3. Thank you for this dose of encouragement, ! Especially as we self-isolate due to Covid, it helps to know that even social media contacts can produce positive impact in the lives of others.


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