Helping bassets to adjust

Dogs calm for now

This is the first time I have written in a long time. I don’t know why. I just couldn’t think. I guess that all that has happened in the last year has caught up with me. I am in a strange place. Life, after all, is a strange space. Sometimes we just need to back up and take a breath.

The two basset hounds have not adjusted at all and it makes me feel so sad to leave them even for a little while. I am working with my vet to find a solution for this but just beginning. She has suggested training and I realize that part of what is being done is to get them to trust me. I know they do on some level but real training has never been done with them and they need to see me as someone who can assure them that is is fine for them to be left in the apartment.

This type of training will be long term and I don’t expect a result over night but I am hopeful. Crash is fairly amenable but Tillie is another matter since she failed training once before but I will hope.

I just want to make their lives bearable.

8 thoughts on “Helping bassets to adjust

  1. Poor pups. There has be so many changes in your lives. It is not really surprising that they are tired and stressed out from it all. Good luck with your training. I hope it helps you all to settle in.


      1. That is great! I am not the biggest fan of our vet clinic but fortunately our daughter-in-law is a vet tech/nutritional counsellor at another vet clinic in the city. I have gotten some great advice from her over the years. 😊


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