Coming back

It has been so long since I have posted that I feel lost. For some reason after my husband’s death I just stopped for a while. It is time to be back. First let me thank everyone for your kind messages of sympathy. They were much appreciated and helped me at a time when I needed help.

Now I hope to get back to my normal writing. I have thought about so many things during this hiatus and will be sharing thoughts and ideas. Life is never boring and always has something to teach us if we are willing to learn. Wisdom does come with age if we choose to learn as we go. I have much to learn still and am still curious about life and the world around me. I hope I never stop learning until I leave this earth.

Glad to be back. Peace, Suzanne

15 thoughts on “Coming back

    1. Liking my post gives me joy. Yes, life is really different and strange. I feel lost. Most of my time was spent taking care of my husband. Now I don’t what to do with myself and covid doesn’t help. At least I got the first vaccine shot and know that things will move on and I will find a new pattern.

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      1. I understand completely. I can go back and forth between not having the issues and not having him here. It is hard. I know how sad it can make you to what he is going through. We so want to fix it and have the person we knew back.


  1. Suzanne, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. My thoughts and prayers go out for you. I’m glad you’re writing again, and I hope it will be therapeutic for you. It is a blessing to your readers. Welcome back.


  2. Suzanne, you have been on my mind. It is good to see you here. There first year after daddy’s death was hard. All of those ‘firsts’ were challenging to get through. I tried to create new traditions or ways to celebrate events with my mom. Some worked, others did not. Take your time and give yourself some grace. We are here for you. How is your daughter?


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