New vision

Today I did the little decorating for Christmas that is possible in our small apartment. It looks nice. I still can’t get my mind around having to find gifts for those I love. I’m just not there yet. This is so unlike me. I usually have things done way in advance but then this has not be a normal year for any of us.

I am hoping that we can look toward Christmas as a new beginning. Some vaccines are due to come out soon (we hope) and maybe we will move into the new year with a new vision.

6 thoughts on “New vision

    1. Thank you for that thought. I realize that along with the other things I have given up I need to also let go of the role of matriarch. I have always been the one who made sure everyone had things even if they were very inexpensive.

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      1. I have had this conversation with my mom over the last few years. She is much like you. At 93 she should be relaxing with her Hallmark movies, not worrying about Christmas shopping!!


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