There will be good

Moving for the first time to another state in 44 years has been an eye opener. I have spent hours notifying people of our new address and one entire hour getting our car insurance updated. It was ridiculous. I still don’t have it all done and will have to do it all over again when we move to the retirement community we plan to join. At least that is in the same town.

Christmas is on its way but I find it difficult to concentrate on it. I am buried in busyness. This time I am creating a list of who to notify so that I can do a more logical job of it.

We move so quickly now into the Christmas season and most people skip Advent or are totally unaware of that season. I love it because of the sense of anticipation. It reminds me of waiting for my own children to be born and the feeling of joy their birth brought.

I like to spend time in Advent thinking about new things to come and how we need to see the good. That has been difficult during this year. Maybe this is the time to think about the good.

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  1. One think I try to think about is that Advent is a special time all it’s own. The liturgical season of Christmas begins on December 24th. We have PLENTY of time!!! Our celebration begins when people are thinking about taking their trees down. How cool is that???

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