Just one more thing

You would never think that water would be a problem but here we go again. We now have a huge water bill because apparently something happened in April that we were not aware of. At that time I was tending to my recently hospital discharged husband. (still not well) I was barely holding my own. Somewhere, unaware of us, water was left running and caused an enormous water usage. Now there is the problem of scraping up the money to pay all of this to include having plumbers come out to tell us there is no leak now.


Just another one of life’s glitches. Just when you think the money is holding up well something hits. There are so many people hurting so much more than us. Many are out of work and have not yet received any unemployment compensation. Many businesses are having to close. Covid has brought us to our knees. I pray that things begin to improve…even if just a little and that those who need help can get what they need.

8 thoughts on “Just one more thing

  1. I’m sorry you had to experience this! Life sure is full of a whole lot of hurdles to jump. It can get overwhelming. I’m like you – I try to remember that my problems usually aren’t near as bad as the struggles of so many others. It helps me put things in perspective but I know that God still cares about my problems, too.


    1. We found out that there was no leak. The overage only happened one month and we think some children who were out of school and allowed to fish on our dock left the water on during the time that covid had them out and I was concentrating on my husband’s illness. We have appealed to the water company and will see what they will do.


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