Who could love us more?

There was a tremendous thunder storm in the middles of the night and I was awakened by a panicked dog. Ever since we rescued him him has been terrified of thunder, firecrackers and fireworks. This is an 58 pound Basset Hound. I can’t pick him up and he was cowering by the side of my bed. I leaned over far enough to rub him with my hand and he began to be settle some. I kept my hand there until it fell asleep at which point I switched and stretched my log over the side of the bed and rubbed him with my foot. He settled and stayed there until the storm subsided and then left. I awoke with my leg numb and tingling but happy that I was able to comfort him.

He, Crash, and my other dog Tillie give so much love and meaning to my life that I couldn’t survive without them. They know my mood and do whatever they can when I am down. They are excited when I am joyful and Tillie follows me from room to room keeping me always in her sight/scent.

I hope I never have to be without a dog. All the ones who I lived with have enriched my life in so many ways. I plan to always have such a loving companion. Who else loves so much?

5 thoughts on “Who could love us more?

  1. Razz is ok with thunderstorms if he knows we are nearby. He likes to sit right next to us (even on our feet). I love storms. I tend to sit and watch them roll in.


  2. We love unreservedly. We seek only some help when it comes to something that frightens us. I am also scared of thunder, lightning and fireworks. I tend to try and find shelter in a bed close to my mum and she can help to soothe me, although I tend to be a little too worried sometimes to take much notice.


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