Blame it on the pandemic

Why is it that sometimes it seems as if the universe is against you? Nothing earth shaking but little things that require multiple details and it all goes crazy.

This is how I feel

I have been trying to get my husband in to an orthopedist to find out why his knee is hurting. He had surgery at the Mayo Clinic over a year ago and we don’t know why there is pain now. I’ve called the orthos that we see here for other issues and they can’t see him without the records from Mayo. He had two procedures there and Mayo sent the records from his last visit instead of the surgery notes. Now we have to start over. The whole process had to be done again so that I can get him seen.

Why does something so simple have to go awry? Is it karma? This is just one of the things that has been so frustrating recently. I am keeping my sense of humor but it is getting harder. Hopefully some things will start to work out and life will at least be a little easier. I can blame it all on the pandemic!

8 thoughts on “Blame it on the pandemic

  1. I understand. I can imagine your frustration. And blaming it on the pandemic seems like a good solution at times! It’s turbulent times indeed. At times I’m so ready for the roller coaster of situations to come to a halt. Let me off please. And I find people like you, going through situations that I know are hard, and you give me hope through your writing. And we know we’re not alone. And somehow I’ll see just a glimmer of hope in something I might have missed. I’m praying you get him in SOON. I’ll be praying like always for you.


  2. With all of the advances in electronic communication and authorizations to share results with every doctor you have ever seen in your life, it still feels like the dark ages to get things where they need to be.


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