Memories and wondering

Today has been hard. The isolation has finally hit us both. My husband really wanted to go out for lunch but not possible.

Pearl Harbor: Three films - HistoryExtraYesterday I talked about living (as a child) through WW2. My husband’s experience was much more noteworthy than mine. He was four years old living in Hawaii behind Diamond head in army quarters when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He remembers waking to lots of planes flying overhead. He got up and told his father who told him it was people training and go back to bed. A few moments later his father was called about the bombing. His father was in charge of the Coast Artillery that was actually in the volcano.

Inside Diamond Head - Hawaii PicturesMy husband, his mother and sister, lived in a bomb shelter in the yard that day expecting the bombers to come back. Later they moved into the volcano and stayed there for several weeks before being evacuated to the states. The ship that took them to the west coast went back for more people but was bombed and sank before getting there.

His memories are much scarier than mine and clearer. After all, being bombed is enough to sit in the memory for quite a while. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live where that is a threat every day.

This crisis is bad. It is testing our will just as WW2 did. I hope that we can pull together as we did then to get past this enemy. I hope it will unite much of the world to the real threat….the distress of the environment which may be why these viruses are gaining hold. I don’t know that… I just wonder.

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3 thoughts on “Memories and wondering

  1. It is interesting that write about this now. I am reading a book titled December 1941, and I typically devour Civil War and WWII history, I am only able to take this book in tiny doses. I think it is because my sensibilities are at a capacity. My mom was a young school aged girl at the time of Pearl Harbor, and she was so frightened that she ran out of school and all the way home. She had all 7 brothers in active service at the same time. One served under Gen. George Patton, one served at Iwo Jima and my Daddy served on the Intrepid. I am tearing up as I write this.
    Blessings to you both. Peace and health. Regina


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