A thank you matters

Recently I have received two notes from people I saw often when working for the church. The notes were so affirming of my ministry when there. It was such a surprise and a joy. It touched me so to know that my time there meant something.

It reminded me of how important it is to affirm those who have meant something to us. It is so easy to make complaints when things go wrong but we forget to give thanks and praise when things go right.

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It try to thank those I meet daily even if it is a small task…thanking a waiter/waitress or someone who works on our car. Thank you for doing a good job means so much to someone who has had people putting them down all the time.

Take the time to be appreciative. It can change someone’s day or their life.

6 thoughts on “A thank you matters

  1. I was in a meeting of the Professionalism Committee in the hospital where I worked. I brought up this very issue – showing appreciation. I told the director of nursing that I thought she’d be amazed at how powerful the words “thank you” were, how motivating they would be for the staff, and how it wouldn’t cost the hospital a cent. Well, you would have thought a dropped a bomb in the room judging by the reaction


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