Do we appreciate our freedom?

In this country we take our freedoms for granted. Most of us are unaware of what it is like to live where there are few personal freedoms. We have never experienced it. Maybe we need to spend some time in North Korea or another country where the decision are not ours to make. As a people we are so naive.

freedom 3

Be grateful for the freedoms we have. We have to guard them carefully and speak out when we see them being eroded .

7 thoughts on “Do we appreciate our freedom?

  1. This is so true, I live in a country where terrorism was haunting for so many years. Families don’t go on trips together, mother and father takes separate rides to make sure at least one would come home safe to look after the children. And then easter attacks happened which killed nearly 200 christians who were participating for church prayers. From that day everyone was so scared even to sleep. Rumors were there that men with swords and sharp knives would come at night and cut people into death. We had sleepless nights for several weeks and just a small sound coming from outside the window scared us to hell and we were so uncertain about being alive for another day.

    Thankfully that fear is now all washed away and county is in peace. We should appreciate it a lot to live in a country that has freedom. There are SO MANY THINGS we should be grateful for, things like this that often go unnoticed.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable message.
    Have a wonderful day 😊


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