Defeat anxiety

Once again I am fighting frustration. I just can’t seem to get my health back on track. I know that it will happen but in the meantime it is such an aggravation. I hate the anxiety. It saps my energy and enjoyment. I found this quote and it is so true.

“Anxiety is a thick stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged, it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained.”     Arthur Somers Roche


This is so true. When anxiety creeps in nothing else matters. Your mind disconnects from everything else. Absolutely not a good way to live. We miss so much. We have to learn to turn those thoughts off and return to real life. Sometimes distraction works— sometimes not.

Regardless it must and can be defeated if we work at it. To allow it to rule life is not acceptable.

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  1. Hello! What symptoms of anxiety have you had? Do they cripple you down to the point of not functioning ? I’ve had severe symptoms that took me to the ER twice within 10 days. Nothing wrong with my heart and labs came out normal. But continue to have them: palpitations , lightheaded , fatigue , chest pressure , tingling sensation on fingers , heaviness . Last doctor said it was anxiety. Still trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.


    1. Everyone’s anxiety is different but your symptoms are what most people experience. Is this your first episodes? If so you do need to see someone besides the ER. Do you have a local physician or therapist who could help?


  2. Yes I’m seeing a doctor , whom I have a follow up appointment with next week. Also trying to use alternative methods, such as yoga, walking, deep breathing, etc. Thanks.

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