Touch heals

My mind wanders. When I was in third grade I remember spending time in (what was called ) the coat closet. Not an actual closet but an area in  back of the classroom where we hung our coats. This was because I was never paying attention. We would be reading a story and I would finish it in a few minutes and then my mind would wander.

My mind still wanders. I have to catch myself during a sermon unless it is riveting. I was bored sitting in on a mediation the other day and I started to wander off. For most of my life I felt that was one of my flaws.

keyboardkeyNow there is a study that says that people whose minds wander score higher on intellectual ability. I really hope that is true. When aging you start to wonder if you are losing your mental acuity. My daughter who works for a big software company says that our RAM memory is full. That makes perfect sense to me. We receive so much input on a daily basis that it is no wonder we can’t keep up.

I keep worrying about the next generations and the input of electronic data. More and more children are being home schooled with computer classes. I understand why parents are taking this option but I do worry so much about socialization.

As a society, we are more lonely than we have ever been. We are lonely in spite of all the input because it can’t take the place of human interaction. I believe that we are hard wired to need others and not just on electronics. We need touch and face to face communication. We have long known that infants who receive little touch early in their lives are more likely to end up with anti social disorder. Touch is crucial to our well being.

I have always been a hugger. I plan to continue that. I don’t hug people if they seem uncomfortable but I will use touch as a means of communication. When I visited the sick for the church touch was a major part of what I did.

nothing-is-so-healing-as-the-human-touch-quote-1I know we do have to keep touch appropriate but to stop the healing touch would be a terrible loss. Touch heals.

One thought on “Touch heals

  1. I’m taking a mental break at work now – Your post brings up some interesting topics.
    I agree with your information overload hypothesis. Like you, my mind wanders, especially when I am on the internet, at a meeting or listening to a lecture or interesting TV program. . I love learning and I always have questions. So sometimes I have to force myself to get “out of my mind” and be taken in by the presentation. I don’t have to understand everything!
    I’m not a hugger and I always feel out of place when I hug someone. Sometimes I do it anyway just to make the other person feel better. I’m not a kisser although I have fond memories of my husband’s kisses. He still makes it a point to kiss me every morning – I’m not sure why and I don’t want to ask for fear I’ll hurt his feelings. I do like to be touched – casually or like in a massage.
    I don’t worry about the younger generation (well I’m not a worrier) but my guess is they see information differently that I did growing up. It’s all around them and they are fine with it. We had to make it a point/take notes to seek it out and remember it.
    And as far as home schooling vs typical classroom schooling – they both have their share of socialization problems.


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