Just life

I have been absent for so long that I feel guilty. The life that I live now is so different than before. There are many good things that I do. I swim three times a week and it feels so good. I will be able to do that all year as the pool is inside.

There are so many different people here. It was founded by graduates of the University of Texas and we have lots of retirees who taught or held other jobs at the University. There are so many smart people who have held amazing jobs and traveled the world.
Sometimes I feel inadequate and provincial. However it is exciting to talk with those who have had such interesting lives.

I am still playing guitar in the band badly but no one notices. It is just a fun thing to do.

I still spend too much time reading or watching TV. I actually miss working in the yard. There was something therapeutic about it. I had such a sense of accomplishment.

Most days are good and I have new friends who are wonderful but there are times when the huge change in my life still overwhelms me.

My dog, Crash, is still with me and shares his love with me every day. I am so grateful for him.

I’m just resting my eyes

I am trying to get on a schedule with writing. I need it and miss all the connections I have made in the 5? years that I have been doing this. I want to keep in touch.

8 thoughts on “Just life

  1. So good to hear from you, Suzanne. I am glad that you are starting to get out and do things that you enjoy. I cannot imagine how you could feel inadequate in any situation. I have so much admiration for you just for everything you have related in your blog since I found you on WordPress.
    My sister in Nebraska is in a situation with her husband, and she reminds me of you. Her husband has cancer and suffered a stroke a couple of years ago. It means a lot of travelling to a health clinic in Rapid City (South Dakota). She manages all of the travel plans and driving. They also take care of his brother who is mentally disabled, much of which is on her now. She just plugs along each day, doing what she has to do – much like you did.
    I know a lot of women who could never manage such situations. You should both be proud. 💞


      1. Thank you, Suzanne. I wish we lived closer to her, but am glad one of her grandsons is staying with them. He and a couple of his friends are taking care of their acreage so that is a huge help for her.


  2. Glad you are still on here. Everyone needs a break now and then. I had a month away as I didnt feel there was much to write about. It sounds like you are starting to enjoy life once more. A little.


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