NOT an old folks home

Today I have managed to pull myself away from the TV and tamp down my anxiety. The weather is beautiful and I intend to sit on my balcony and enjoy the fresh air. Life is always challenging and I am not the only one to freak out at times.

I have been asked to sit on a committee for Health and Wellness and I will soon find out how much importance is placed on the input of the committee and if it is worth being on. It’s like living in a very strict HOA (community with rules) and takes some time to understand how things work and how to get possible things done. The trick is to not expect the impossible. After all, funds for things are not limitless.

This is why living in a retirement community is like living in a dorm in college (bad side) or being on a cruise ship (good side). There are benefits and losses. We just have to decide what matter the most.

5 thoughts on “NOT an old folks home

  1. this is interesting to me..t 55 now, i am starting to think about a retirement community situation in. the future. It would mean big changes of course ( selling or renting my house, etc) but it has always appealed to me. Would be curious to know more pros and cons…


  2. I hope you find it worth being on the Health and Well Being committee. I think if I had the opportunity to give my input, I would say – ‘make it fun’. It seems everyone has been talking about how people have struggled and suffered in recent years. Then they suggest the answer is things that are not fun for me at all like dieting, or exercising, or getting outside (which is rather cool, windy, damp and dreary right now). I decided to start dancing every day and am having so much fun with it. It makes all the difference. 😊


    1. Sorry to be so long in replying. With the exception of the fact that it doesn’t move from place to place where I live meals are prepared by chefs, apartment is cleaned like in a hotel, people are fun, (most of them) entertainment is constant with all sorts of events, exercise programs, tour trips, eating out and I could go on.

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