an attitude change is necessary

I have continued to struggle with depression. I know it is related to the covid numbers here. It seems as if nothing will ever change. I know that we may not end up the way we were before but as a senior citizen I end up so warry of exposing myself.

I know that I am blessed having the basic needs of life available to me. It is just a matter of turning my perspective around. The truth is I miss people. For years I was an extreme extrovert but in the later years I am about in the middle. I realize that I need to make opportunities to connect with people. Even talking on the phone helps.

The real answer lies with me and not from external factors although they are stressful.

12 thoughts on “an attitude change is necessary

  1. I am very much an introvert but I can’t imagine how I would get through these times without Dan. He is my link to the outside world. (Unfortunately he is also the link to the germs running amok in the outside world.). Stay safe – this latest round may be a blessing, the herd immunity everyone has been praying for.


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