More home-like week for Crash and I

Living where I am is beginning to feel more like home. Today I started on a project of unpacking 6 large plastic bins of yarn and sorting them into shoe box size containers according to yarn weight. When I have finished it will make finding yarn for projects so much easier. Just packed in huge bins made it impossible to have any idea what is there. That will be a big plus for me.

Austin and my Independent Living site are pretty much shut down. There is so much info that the new virus version is less troublesome but I don’t want it if I can manage to evade it. I suppose at some point all of us will have it but I’d rather not just now. My plate has been full enough for the last year and I am ready for some changes.

I hope that most of my word press friends have managed to either survive or not get covid. Hopefully in the near future the new Pfizer medicine will be available as a treatment.

My dog, Crash, is better from his bout with Kennel Cough. The only problem is getting so much medicine down him each day but that will end soon. My daughter still has Tillie and it is so much easier with one. They don’t seem to be distressed with being away from each other so I am thankful for that.

I hope this new year will bring positive changes for all of us and the whole world.

11 thoughts on “More home-like week for Crash and I

  1. I certainly wish you a peaceful, pleasant year. I am glad people are avoiding this Omicron version of Covid, even if it is supposedly milder. There are so many who have made light of this pandemic but there is no telling what the longterm damage will be to those who have been infected – by any version.


  2. Glad to hear your home is feeling more like home and that your dog is doing better. I had COVID. It wasn’t so awful, comparatively speaking, but being quarantined is not how I would have liked to spend New Year’s Eve.
    Wishing you all the best for 2022


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