More loss

Today amidst all else that has been happening I discovered that I am missing some of my favorite necklaces. I have torn the apartment apart but no luck. Now none of these things were valuable but just important to me. I literally have no necklaces that I like to wear. There is a box full of the rest of my costume stuff but none of it is anything I care for or would choose to wear. Much of it is broken.

Such a simple loss but one that hurts terribly. I just seems to add to all the other loses I am experiencing. I know that with God’s help this will all get better but today I just don’t see how.

I’ll just hope that is spite of my search the things will show up some how.

7 thoughts on “More loss

  1. How about a group hug with Regina my friend? I am sorry for these challenges that never seem to stop at times. I’m praying God’s peace over you! And I pray hope makes an appearance soon. ❤️💚💛🙏🏻🤗


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