I will hope!

I have been off blogging for almost a week. Last week all my belongings were packed and I moved to stay with my family until my apartment is ready. For some reason this move was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I dropped into panic mode and suffered with IBSD. It took medicine and much coping to bring myself back. I am better but I have realized just how much has happened in the last year and 1/2.

I can’t say enough about how I long to be done with all of this. Will it be over soon????

18 thoughts on “I will hope!

  1. Ed and I are getting ready to move back to our home. Assisted living is not fun but I needed to recoperate from major surgery. I am so looking forward to moving and being among my things so I understand your concerns.


    1. So glad to see you on Word Press. I will be following you. Glad you are getting to move back home. I hope I can get to my permanent home which is an absolutely wonderful continuing care place. The majority of the people there are independent. Much goes on there since it is connected with the University of Texas and has something going on all the time. I have already been invited to join several groups before even getting there. It is definitely different from most places. Glad we can keep in touch. You are the only one from our group I know is still around.


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