Clean inside and out

Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Actually it has been more a matter of getting rid of things we don’t need. It has felt good. Clutter is disappearing. Surfaces can be dusted easily and cabinets are empty. It is hard to believe when you move into a place how much you can accumulate over the following years. There was stuff that I haven’t seen or needed in years.

“I don’t think you’re getting the point of this exercise.”

All this reminds me that I need to also look into myself and open all the closets and drawers and clean out all the excess. With all that has been going on I haven’t had time to do that. I realize I have let the structure of my days fall apart. It couldn’t be helped before but with the way things are now I think I can do it.

Cleaning out our living space is important but it is also as important cleaning out ourselves.

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      1. I believe it. I have two grown sons who are not quite established on their own yet, so all of their stuff currently resides in my family room downstairs. Now that thrift shops are reopening, I am looking to unload a lot of unwanted clothing.

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