A broken system

Today is better. Things are starting to iron out. My interventions this week bore fruit and I think we are on a good path.

I worry about those who have no idea how to navigate the medical system. It is getting more complex every day. Physicians want to stick to their specialties and no one wants to manage the whole person. Sometimes the Internal Medicine docs are the ones to do that but they also struggle with getting information from the specialists so they are frustrated too.

I wish I knew what need to be done but things are getting worse every day. I really do think that the insurance companies are a major part of the problem. They are telling the doctors what they can and cannot do. That makes no sense. I pray that something happens in the future to make this better.

If you are dealing with medical care find someone you know who understands it and ask for help. Most people are happy to help where they can.

One thought on “A broken system

  1. By far the doctor I trust the most is my former doctor and still close friend in another city. We have kept in touch since our move, and she is close enough to retirement that she can focus on helping her patients get better/save their lives and not be intimidated by threats of getting her license taken away. (If that happened, I would still go to her.) I am really concerned about how some are playing politics with other people’s lives. They will have a lot to answer for …


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