So what if the sky is falling?

Yesterday was a milestone. We were able to take my husband out for an early dinner at an outdoor restaurant. Afterward he was exhausted but happy. I know how good it must have felt for him since he has been completely for so long. Boredom and cabin fever have hit hard since he couldn’t even get outside except on the porch. Out there it can be so hot that it is not worth it.

I am so tired of doomsayers. People are already warning about the next pandemic. Whether they are right or not is immaterial. We can’t live in constant fear. For one thing we would all suffer PTSD and go nuts. Eventually we would die out as the human race. Suicide by fear is not the way I plan to live.

I am focusing on how to live each day and appreciate what it brings. There is no other way. I have struggled most of my life about learning to live in the moment and now I am getting closer to that. I will not spend each day in fear and anxiety frittering away my time. Life is too precious for that.

3 thoughts on “So what if the sky is falling?

  1. AMEN!
    NEWS FLASH! Life is terminal. Disease is real. So is death. So is heaven. So is hell.
    You’re right, we can’t let ourselves be manipulated by terror. God is in control, and if we have placed our lives in His hands, we don’t have to waste them worrying. (Anyone who hasn’t trusted Him, I have nothing to offer you, except to urge you to do so ASAP.)

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