Share yourself

Today I was thinking about how people connect. How do we really make a deep connection that can change an acquaintance into a true friend?

In my experience that happens when we are willing to open up and share of ourselves. Telling our stories….some of which do not show us in the best light…allows others to see into us in a different way. There is a risk in this. Sometimes this sharing will not be accepted in the way we want. Sometimes we can be rejected or used. But without this kind of sharing we will never reach that level of friendship that bonds people together.

Don’t be afraid to share yourself

Since I am an extrovert I am usually willing to let people hear the stories that tell about my failings and weaknesses. Those stories that let people know that I have anxiety and need help off and on. I will share that I have seen a psychologist and have no problem doing so whenever I need to.

Stories that reveal moments that may relate to the other person usually will bring forth similar sharing. People need to know that we are not judgmental and understand in order to feel comfortable opening up.

It is a blessing that our connection on Word Press allows for that kind of sharing.

3 thoughts on “Share yourself

  1. Thank you for sharing!! (😉 See what I did there!! 😉) Hehe. I am an introvert. I’d much rather write a note, text or email than make a call or speak to someone in person. I have so many insecurities that have manifested into anxiety with real, physical reactions. “Hiding behind” the written word is what I do best but it does make it difficult to make real connections with folks! Even commenting on WordPress makes me a bit anxious but I’m trying to put myself out there. It’s a process.


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