Blowing up and moving on

The stress of the last few months caused me to finally have a melt down. I was suddenly afraid that I will not be able to keep my husband and I from contracting covid. He is due home tomorrow and covid would be a disaster for him.

I realized that this falling apart was due to the extreme stress that has been happening and that I was due to crash at some point. You might say I was entitled to break down. the good part is that with medication and my daughter being here I have recovered and am again moving on.

moving on

There becomes a point when things compile for such a long time that just letting all the anxiety out helps you to free yourself. I am getting stronger again day by day. This long situation with covid has strained all of us. For me it was on top of struggling so hard to find out what was actually wrong with my husband and being able to do something about it.

When things bottle up for too long we will explode like a volcano. The pressure can just be too be too much. My daughter pointed out that having someone here made it possible for me to feel safe letting go.

Now I will be able to focus on helping my husband recover and get us both through this irritating crisis. Life will be good again. Different but good.

7 thoughts on “Blowing up and moving on

  1. I’m glad you were able to let it all out. We just have to sometimes. I’m still praying for you and your husband. Stay strong!


  2. I understand! We all have these and if you don’t release it, well,…it can be just as catastrophic. You have so much on your heart and in your life. I’m still praying for you both!


  3. Oh, sweetheart. I am sorry to hear it caught up with you, although some might say “what the hell took you so long!!” You have been patient and dare I say long-suffering. Be good to your self. Be kind to yourself and know that you are not alone.

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