A new world

In our area the Episcopal Diocese has said that we will not go back to church until there has been two weeks with no new cases. I am hoping that they will rethink that as I don’t think we will see a week without at least one case until there is a vaccine.

At some point we will have to resume some regular activities even if for those of us “at risk” must remain more isolated and more careful than the rest of the population. The mental health aspect is going to require us to do some things or we risk some serious complications.

I know that I am reaching my limit of just being at home and that I will have to go out into the world carefully but I will have to go out. The state has opened many things and there are people out there resuming their normal schedules. Most of them are not wearing masks but they seem to be social distancing. I can see us doing that for quite some time.

It’s a new world and one we will learn to navigate one day at a time.

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      1. Same. The archdiocese of New York will make a determination. There is a plan, it is just a matter of time as to how it is implemented. Our archdiocese is from the upstate NY all the way down to the city. The demographics are so varied. One size does not fit all. It’s going to be a challenge for sure.

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