Small problems become bigger

fallingFor those of us that are at high risk for getting this virus this situation is causing more and more concern. I now have a smoke alarm beeping up high where I will need to get a tall ladder to stop it. I have tried changing these before and I can never get them back in. Since we can’t go out and we can’t let anyone in I will just pull the battery out and leave it. This is really a minor problem but I wonder how many folks like us are starting to face issues much more serious than this.

I am very able to climb the ladder but there are so many who can’t without risk of falling. What other home problems are the elderly facing that may be dangerous? We are certainly learning what a pathogen like this can do. I do worry about what is next.



5 thoughts on “Small problems become bigger

  1. This is an interesting observation. I mean, it definitely goes beyond the hazard of a home haircut. Thankfully, my mom has my able-bodied son taking care of her through this. Although she still insists she can manage the cellar stairs! 92 and terribly stubborn!


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