Are we all becoming hoarders?

I have written about this before but today it jumped out at me again. We are a nation of hoarders. As a nation we have too much stuff. Near my neighborhood there are already two massive storage facilities for people to put their excess “junk” in. I have know people who put stuff in those places and later have no idea what they have stored. I know there are some people who have downsized and know they will be moving up again and need to keep their things but they are the exception.

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There is a TV program where people bid and buy unopened storage places and recycle for money what is inside.

Now a brand new huge facility is being erected. I guess there is so much “stuff” that we have outdistanced the two already here. What are we thinking?

I have spent the last six months sorting and cleaning out closets, cabinets and drawers and taking the excess to charity. I am still not done and am ashamed that I have so much extra that I don’t need. At least I have never needed a storage facility to house the excess. I know that someday we will have to move from our home (as age catches us) and my intention is to give away everything we don’t need for a smaller place. I will not keep and store things.

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Are we a hoarding nation?

8 thoughts on “Are we all becoming hoarders?

  1. We sure are. We gave almost everything away when we moved to the states. We had a small house, moved to a larger one
    Moved again to a similar size condo, and have way too much now.
    Slowly sorting……

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  2. I think we are definitely a nation of ‘stuff’. When I was in Italy, I was amazed at the modest size of the homes, and the simple interiors. As we arrived back home, everything here seemed so excessive and overdone.

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  3. From my perspective we do! I downsized 3 times to get to my RV. Everything I own fits in a 50 sq ft storage unit as well. But I’m never shocked anymore at how much “stuff” people have!


      1. It’s definitely been a long process. Most things I kept were family heirlooms and tubs of my boys’ creations and letters from students. It was freeing and liberating. My parents suggested it years ago as they, too, chose not to hoarder but to keep heirlooms that us, the kids, would appreciate. Simply put, “ain’t going with me to heaven!” 😆


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