Moments of sadness

While listening to a meditation today I realized that I will most likely never again have the love that there was between my husband and myself. The meditation asked me to focus on someone or something that incorporates love for me. I was sent into sadness as the home I loved dearly and the husband who was the love of my life are gone and I still feel that loss. I imagine that I always will.

Most of the time I don’t dwell on this but once in a while it crops up. Getting older has its challenges. I remind myself that it also is a blessing that I am still here and basically well.

My moment of sadness will pass and the day will move on. It is just part of life.

7 thoughts on “Moments of sadness

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. When I have moments of sadness I sometimes feel lighter after those emotions are released. It’s like they weigh on me without me knowing and then sadness hits and they are lifted for a while.


  2. I’m sorry for your loss. Praying the Lord is holding you in His arms and reminding you that someday all tears will be dried and sorrow will be no more. In the meantime, we hold onto Him. (And when we can hold on no longer, HE holds US. ❤ )


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