Too much stuff

We have too much stuff! Traveling just 15 minutes on the highway recently I saw 7 large places for people to store their excess “stuff.” One of them has spaces that people can buy. They actually will own a storage space. We have so much we have no where to put it.

I have never used a storage space and managed to cram all my excess into the attic or closets. I seldom climbed into the attic to check on what was there. The majority of things up there were things I didn’t need but was just reluctant to get rid of. I wonder how often people who have things in a storage facility visit the place. I am sure that there are people who no longer have any idea of what it squirreled away.

There are times when such a space is needed but I bet those are in the minority. I wonder why we find it so hard to divest ourselves of excess. I know that I tend to think that I just might need “it” in the future. If that was really the case it would be ok but usually I never needed “it” again.

Now I have downsized from my longtime home to a small apartment. In order to keep things neat there has to be a place for everything. Keeping things in place means there can be no excess. I don’t intend to have any extra storage space so I had to get rid of anything not really important to me. I many ways it was freeing. There are things that I miss but not so much that I would change anything.

7 thoughts on “Too much stuff

  1. I recently got new flooring in my apartment. When we started moving stuff around to put the flooring in I went on a “cleaning and dumping” mission. I got rid of a lot. Most was stuff I had shoved in a closet that I new I wouldn’t miss. I am amazed at all the junk I has shoved here and there lol.


  2. When my parents died, we got a moving van full of stuff – really nice stuff! – delivered, and most of it was put in the attic. We did use their dining room set, which meant we could give ours to a family who had just lost everything in a fire, so that was nice. Everything else went up two flights of stairs – poor movers! As we went to bed that night, Marty stared at the ceiling and commented, “I hope those attic floor boards hold up.” An I thought if they didn’t, what a stupid way that would be to die.
    When we moved and had an estate sale, we got rid of about half our stuff, and it felt like such a weight had been lifted as we watched the Good Will truck drive away with the stuff that hadn’t been sold.
    In my defense, I taught middle school drama (pardon the redundancy) and kept a lot of things to use as props and scenery in the plays we put on. (The fancy furniture was great for the murder mysteries set in old mansions. 😉 )


  3. Hi Suzanne. Yes my mom always said that less is more. I am finding that to be true each day. I am constantly getting rid of or sharing what I don’t need. You can’t take a U haul to heaven. What we place in Gods hands is what is most valuable. I miss you. Keep in touch. ❤️❤️❤️Nele


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