Surviving holidays

It is so easy to get sad thinking about the coming holidays. Christmas was always so special to my husband. He absolutely loved it. At the moment I don’t even have any decorations that are suitable for where I am now. Since I don’t go out much I guess I will have to search Amazon for some things that will work. This is a small apartment and I don’t really need much or have any place for it.

We always had the biggest tree that would fit where we were living. It actually took up more space than I would like but nothing else would do. One year he was so irritated with the tree having so many old ornaments that didn’t look good that he went to the local shop and bought everything off of the display.

He really didn’t care about getting things for himself but was always concerned that we did all the things for others we could afford. There were years when we had guests at our dinner table who had no one to be with. We used to joke that we took in strays. It was our joy to do so.

Things are completely different now and I know it will take so thought on my part to make the changes I need to. I am blessed to have family to be with and new friends to share with. My life has been rich and will continue to be.

7 thoughts on “Surviving holidays

  1. It is good that you are thinking about this now, Suzanne. Christmas’s are terribly difficult for me, especially for the past few years. I find it much better if I think about it beforehand and decide that I will make the best of it, in whichever way is the least painful for me.


  2. Suzanne, I’m sending love, hugs, and prayers from SW Missouri. I can only imagine the thoughts of reflection as we approach the holidays. What beautiful memories, family, friends, and faith I “hear” in your writing. And when your words can’t reflect the pain you may feel, know we’re all here praying; even if we don’t speak each day. 🤍🙏


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