My friends —books

I miss my books. Many of them I have had for a long time and they are friends. I will think about something I want to read again and then remember that my books are not here. I can’t wait till I can get them after moving. They are so much a part of me.

I often think about how blessed I am to have sight and am able to read. On line things are wonderful but there is nothing like a story to take us out of ourselves. Also I have so many books that have thoughts that I want to revisit and mull over.

I know it won’t be long and I am looking forward to it.

8 thoughts on “My friends —books

  1. I agree. Unfortunately, I’m entering a new chapter myself. Just tore down the old house because of mold. Once the new one is built, I will have to screen my possessions. Anything carrying mold must go, and I don’t know of anyway to really clean books


  2. There is something special about a real printed paper book. Sadly, I do not have room for them in our little house and I have trouble reading the print in most books, so I use Kobo or Kindle on my phone to read. It isn’t the same but at least I get to read!


    1. So true. My husband used to say if I brought a book into the house I had to take one out. Now I read mostly on my Kindle but would love to read some paperbacks again. Guess I will just have to go to the library.


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