Bind up fear

Hope is some extraordinary spiritual grace that God gives us to control our fears, not to oust them.

Vincent McNabb

I am one of the worst for worrying about things. I cross every bridge before I get to it. When something is really wrong, fear can rule my world. We shouldn’t expect all our fears to disappear. This is the real world. But by leaning on God’s grace, we can begin to hold fear in check and rely on hope.

Prayer: God, our father and mother, we turn to you as a loving parent. Help us to remember that you love us and want only the best for us. Help us to bind up fear and put it away.

8 thoughts on “Bind up fear

  1. I so admire people who can remain peaceful through anything and everything life sends their way. I have come a long way since I retired, but I think it may always be a challenge for me when life gets dicey. Good luck & God bless on your journey forward. 💞


  2. You are a worrier, but you certainly had plenty to worry about in the past year. I don’t think it is realistic to be completely free from worry. If we were really free from it, imagine how easy it would be to minimize our reliance on God.


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