I am now living in a third world country

I feel as if I am living back in a third world country. When we lived in Panama we couldn’t drive across the country without fear that anything we did wrong could cause us to be arrested and jailed. The police were also the army.

Now in my own country insurrection is real. And it seems that it is possible that this was incited by our own president. I am not very political but I do believe in obeying our laws and that the best form of protest is non violent.

I guess I am not as surprised as I should be since our divisions have been sending us that way. There is no way for people to agree. I used to volunteer where we tried to teach teens and even younger that there were ways to resolve differences without violence. I guess we need to focus on teaching the same things to adults.

When we ever recover from this.?

4 thoughts on “I am now living in a third world country

  1. there is always recovery..it just takes time and comes in different forms. It’s not always as we thik it will be..but i believe that as fearful as most of us were watching what happened yesterday, today it is good to know that democracy ( ?) survived….that there was not an actual coup and that the new presidency remained intact. It could have went a very different way. Of course , the other side is really peeved right now, but like some of us back when the current leader was elected, we had to accept the fact in the end. I pray they will also, even though i know many will continue to rant and rave. There is hope…there is always hope…hugs!!


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