A real stormy day

We have had rain every day for the last week. Not just a little bit of rain but heavy downpours. Today, as I started writing, we are having a major storm with heavy rain and strong winds. I have not heard anything about a tornado but some of the blasts have pulled limbs from trees. The rain has blown all the way up to the porch windows and I can’t really see out.

the blurry parts are where it is blowing rain against the window.

Before all this started we got more stuff checked off our to-do list. Flu shots and the last of the shingrix (?) Vac. I have been working on the Christmas presents that I am knitting/crocheting trying to get them done. Then I can shop in Austin. All in all progress has been made. Fortunately this month is not as busy with Dr visits as last month so maybe there is some time to breathe.

I can really see the benefit of going through everything you own. It makes you clear out things that you have saved for no reason at all. Bags of trash are going out of this house. Some things will go to charity and some will be sold. I find myself not horribly sad about this. Things are not as important to me as people and it is interesting to see what I couldn’t/didn’t throw away before this. This is a good feeling.

4 thoughts on “A real stormy day

  1. I am happy the process is going well for you. If you are on Facebook, there are local ‘Yard Sale’ pages where you can post items for sale without the hassle of an actual yard sale. Just be sure you get cash and someone is with you when they come to pick the item up.


  2. Sorry about your weather but glad you are making progress with your downsizing. It does feel good to get rid of things that no longer serve any useful purpose. Good to hear you got the Shinrix vaccine! I have to wait until January but will be getting it for sure. Beats getting shingles again!

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