More paperwork

One of the difficult things during this time is trying to get everything in order to move. When one has lived somewhere since 1976 there is a lot to remember, get changed and the paper work done. Unfortunately my husband is only able to help some. The things he can do are a big help but for the first time I feel the burden is mostly on my shoulders.

I know that all will get done but I do seem to be a little overwhelmed. Oh well. Things will go on and I will be able to relax once all is done.

Paperwork is a pain in the neck and I am throughly tired of it. It seems that everything is much harder than it should be. Always something else needed or something going wrong.

I will survive!

10 thoughts on “More paperwork

  1. You will do it just fine. While hubby was in hospital, and rehab I bought a condo, as we lived in a townhouse with 19 stairs up to the kitchen. He was home for a week, and I moved us into the condo, and then had to get rid of half our stuff, clean, and put the townhouse up for sale. I did it on my own.


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