Medical practise has gone horribly wrong

Has anyone noticed lately how difficult it is to get a diagnosis. My husband went through months of illness before someone was able to find what was acutally wrong. I have run into so many people who are having the same problem.

Is it because we no longer have any doctor who really knows us? It does seem that could be part of the problem. No one seems to really listen. My husband complained about his knee for months but no one ever checked it until it was found more or less by accident.

I really think we need to seek out a primary physician that we can keep long enough to understand our life and our family. Very hard to find any more in this era of switching insurance, both us and our changing health environment.

When we were at the Mayo Clinic the first physician was an “attending” (head and teacher) in the ER. He mentioned that one of the hardest things to teach new docs was to see the whole person not just the piece that brought them in. He certainly was a special doctor and so right.

I have written a lot about the medical system mostly because it has gone so horribly wrong.

4 thoughts on “Medical practise has gone horribly wrong

  1. Yep, I think in part because they lean way to heavy on testing and have abandoned an actual clinical exam. I read a while back how doctors in foreign countries were much more skilled because they lacked the modern testing – interesting twist. And the docs still don’t really welcome patients participating in their health care management


    1. So very true. The system is now run but insurance companies and large hospital conglomerates. Money is the bottom line. Doctors have to see a certain number of patients a day which limits their time with each one. I wish I knew the answer to fixing all of this.


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