Moving on

Today I started looking at the process of selling my piano. My mother bought it when I was about 7 years old and the thought of parting with it is difficult but a small apartment cannot handle a baby grand piano.

looks exactly like mine

I have moved it around with us from Army post to post but this is one time that it really isn’t logical. When my husband and I were first married the apartment was so small that he joked we would have to eat off the piano but we managed. The truth is I don’t play it as much as before. It is situated where I disturb anything that anyone else is doing in the house and I hate to do that.

It may not be easy to sell but I will put it out there and see what happens. Then I plan to buy a good that can use headphones so that I can play whenever I want with not problem.

Another step toward the future. Just one more thing to clear out of the way. I long for the time when we are settled and not just “in progress” but it will come soon enough.

Anyone want a Mason and Hamlin baby grand?

8 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. OMG I am getting ready to buy a keyboard, but I know very little about them. I studied piano through college and even though I was never good enough to go on after that, I really love to play. I don’t have a piano, so I only ever played when I visited my mother and father. They’ve passed away and their piano, although a digital one, was too big to move out of state. You’ll have to post when you get a keyboard – good luck selling your current piano. It looks lovely 🙂


      1. Same here on both counts. 88 keys is a must and I also want something portable. I’ve looked online but haven’t zeroed in on one. Probably in a month or so.


  2. Wow! If there is one thing I regret, it’s sticking with piano lessons. I envy anyone who is able to sit at a keyboard and play. I’m sorry you have to sell your piano. I know it holds so many precious memories for you. I hope you find a buyer who will cherish it as much as you.


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