Hit over the head

hit over the headMy grandmother used to say that sometimes God will knock you down to make you think. Sometimes we have to be hit over the head to see the obvious. With alcoholics or those addicted to drugs it is often reaching what is considered the bottom that wakes them to reality.

Just rolling along each day we can get into a routine that pushes aside any idea that something may be wrong. We are like ostriches hiding our heads in the sand. It takes a major event to change things.

In the 1980’s I was working hard and paying little attention to my health. My IBSD was so out of control that I ended up with ulcerative colitis. I spent the next three weeks in the hospital getting my health and my life back under control. I had plenty of time to think about how I ended up in that condition. I learned a valuable lesson.

pay attentionPay attention to what is going on both in your life and with you health. Putting off see a physician or mental health professional is not an option. Pull your head out of the sand and take stock of reality. I can save you being hit over the head by God.

3 thoughts on “Hit over the head

  1. Amen to that…
    that evil “false sense of wellbeing”.
    He has hit me a bit lately, because, like a lot of men…we ignore, or place our body’s obvious health crises on hold, putting things in order and getting things completed first. Not very lucid nor smart prioritizing.
    I need to be knocked “on my noggin ” often.
    We are “beautifully broken” at times, so the “beauty of our souls” can be made from our “beautiful scars”… for the telling our stories…creating more beauty and sharing our ‘Hope’ with others with the same scars…and fears…helping God’s other “hard-headeded”, beautiful souls, to “listen up”.😇🤕🤐


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