Last night while we were out to dinner I noticed a number of teens at another table. Every one of them had on something that touted a designer. Labels. Every shirt had a label on the outside. It was important for people to know that they could afford designer clothes.


Discreet is no longer a word. (In so many ways.) Now everyone wants you to know that they have something special. It is not just teens. Think about all the expensive purses that some women long for. Even some shoes have initials on the outside letting the public know that you can afford them. People sell knock-offs and they are bought by those longing to be able to afford them. It is lusting after prestige.

We didn’t end up that way of our own accord. When I was young you would never be caught wearing something with the label on the outside. It was considered gauche. Gradually more logos appeared on things, crocodiles and polo players. From there it was an easy jump to selling things that announced how expensive they were. Advertising helped to lure us into the idea.

Now almost everything has a label you can see. We want everyone to know the value. We do the same thing to people. We give them labels. Some are simple and based on appearance…thin, fat, old, young. These labels know nothing about the person. If asked to describe someone we would use them.

Other labels are not so easy…stupid, crazy, not right. These have to come from some further knowledge of a person. And yet, the person is not really known. It is a label used to put someone in their place. It is a label to make “us” feel better about ourselves. It is a label to create “us and them.” It is a wrong and biased label.


Labels can be used for many reasons. Some carry little weight and others can be devastating. We really don’t know what is on the inside. That shirt with the designer label can be poorly made when you look at the inside. The plain shirt may be perfectly put together if you choose to look at more than the outside.

Be careful of labels. They do not show the whole story. Be willing to look past the label to what is inside.



8 thoughts on “Labels

  1. I agree with you. Designer Labels are just superficial. It is more of a status that gives us a temporary fix.

    It takes more effort in looking past the label but if you do, you might find a hidden gem indeed.


  2. I find myself having to reevaluate my priorities in this area. I love a cute outfit and posing for photos in it, but God has to work on me about cost. Why do you need this one instead of that one? Who are you working to impress? He guided me to downsize my wardrobe to a minimalist lifestyle, and it has been so funny to see the results. Not a lot of flashy…mostly no-name brands, and I get the same amount of attention (I know it’s not about the attention). God has ensured that He confirmed the direction I was walking in and showed me that the “labels” do not make or break you looking good or feeling good when you walk out of the house.


    1. So true. Lately I find that most of my clothes don’t have labels although I do like a quality look. I tend to by in groups about 2x a year and get things that mix and match.


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