What to do?

graveyardEach day I become more and more concerned about the divisions occurring not just in the US but world wide. You would think that instant world communication would draw us closer together but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

In the US the congress is so polarized that nothing can get done. Members seem to think only of their own gain and not about the state of the nation. I hope it is not as bad as this in other countries. My first college major was history and I learned a good deal about the rise and fall of nations. The US for so long was a country for good (or seemed to be) but not only is the government dysfunctional but people almost seem unable to function well.

Today there was another school shooting. So far two killed and I think 12 wounded. I would like to boost the mental health screening in all schools with very competent help. Children who never before solved problems by killing other students now seem to see it as the only thing to do. Outsiders also come into schools and kill children.

Often we have talked about the lack of competent mental health availability in our world and it seems that it is becoming a critical need. Are the people in charge hiding their heads in the sand and not seeing the problem? It is difficult to get help in a consistent manner and for it to be available when needed. What do we have to do to get people to wake up and change things?

I wish I knew what is stressing us all….what has changed to make people more at risk for breaking apart? In other blogs I have talked often about the loss of silence, lack of personal relationships and our inability to relax. I know there is more than this but what are we to do? There is no question that if we can’t change life as we know it will be gone.

god help us

God help us!