Life Happens

life hThere are some days that “you should’a staid in bed.” This was one of those days. Part of my schedule was to pick up a friend who was having some minor surgery done and take her home. I like to listens to books on my Kindle in the car….wellllll my Kindle had no charge. I popped a small charger on it and left the house early so I wouldn’t be late. I arrived in plenty of time to discover that I was at the wrong doctor’s office. I took out my phone…..which I had removed from the charger in my house…..and guess what? My phone wasn’t charged.

I quickly got in the car and plugged the phone in to call another office to find her. She was only a couple of blocks away. Actually got there on time. She had been given a mild sedative before the surgery which was to relax her only. Wellllll it knocked her out. She slept all the way home. I questioned her about meals and she managed to tell me that she had food. Her husband is 90 something and has a caregiver with him. When we got to her house I had to get the caregiver to help me get her into the house…..we put her in a gown and she immediately fell asleep. Checking her refrigerator I could find nothing that would do for dinner so I made a trip to the grocery to get a prepared meal for dinner. Leaving her house the low gas light came on in my car and I had to quickly find a gas station.

Understand the plan was to pick her and take her home. About an hour to do this. Having left home at 10:30 I arrived back home at 2:30. . No lunch for me.

faith_tells_me no matter lies ahead god already there v1 designLong story and funny in retrospect. It just shows that things don’t go as planned. Sometimes we just have to take things as they come. Life is irregular. God, after all, did not tell us everything would go smoothly. He just said he would be with us. He was certainly by my side today. I wasn’t the least bit anxious and just rolled with the flow. When she is fully rational I will share the funny story with her.