Hope is the thing with feathers*

Today hasn’t been the best for me. A flare up of IBS which of course includes a flare of anxiety. I wish I knew why these two are connected. Anyway, I will keep on keeping on. It seems to me that is the most important thing. The ability to get up and do! I guess it doesn’t really matter do what just get up and do something.

Life is not about sitting in a corner with your hands on your face. It is about continuing to live. Each day is important. Every moment is a piece of my life. I don’t want to lose any of that. So I will get up tomorrow and start a new day.

For some reason this reminds me of this poem by Emily Dickinson.

hope 2

Hope is a thing with feathers…soft and comforting. In spite of its seeming weightlessness it can hold us up. Each new day is a chance for something new, something different. We just have to have faith. This world is meant for something better. It is meant for peace and love. Maybe we will never see it but the hope is there. I have faith.

*title from Emily Dickinson