Oh when will we ever learn?

With so many crisis to think about it is hard to put together cohesive thoughts. Between the various shootings and the war in the Ukraine the world seems so chaotic. Sometimes it is so hard to not be angry at those who want more and more power….that includes Putin and also those in power in this country who are so blinded by ambition that they can’t see the state we are in. We are the only country with so many massacres. Yes, let’s stop calling them shootings and call them what they are …massacres.

On this day when we choose to honor those who gave their lives for this country can’t we show respect to them by tightening gun laws and stop at least some of the violence. My husband loved this country. He would have given his life for it and almost did in Viet Nam. Yet then and now we send soldiers to fight wars that can’t be won because politics make that impossible. We arm youngsters and fanatics easily with weapons and even body armor so they can kill more people. Logic has been totally lost in both situations.

For some reason I was reminded of this song. “Oh when will they (we) ever learn.” This version by Peter, Paul and Mary brings the full sorrow. Even the audience feels it.