Is proof proof?

This is just so true for today’s world. People are actually unable to step outside of their beliefs. No conversation about a different idea with change them. They will always find a reason to step back into their original position.

Today something reminded me of this quote from “The Mysterious Benedict Society” originally a book now a series on Disney Plus. “Proof is useless unless it’s proof of something people already want to believe.?

I think this is partly why those who chose not to be vaccinated are so set in their position. My oldest daughter works in a hospital in Georgia. When I spoke with her recently the hospital had 95 patients in with covid. Of that number 2 were vaccinated. I wish more cities would cite those statistics. However, it is possible that nothing will change many opinions.

One thought on “Is proof proof?

  1. i think it works both ways when it comes to the vaccine. People have chosen a side now and they will stick with it no matter what. Honestly, i refuse to engage with anyone about it. I got vaccinated immediately being a nurse. But have seen many get Covid even with the vaccine. In fact, the case i have been at for 7 years- mom is the only one who was vaccinated in the family, and she got Civid with symptoms. the other family members did not get vaccinated, tested positive , but never had any symptoms. I worked in the household the entire time and tested negative for it. It’s all very confusing. After i had the vaccine i wound up with heart issues which i never had before( 2 weeks later that landed me in the hospital for 3 days of testing). No proof that it was the vaccine, still cant say . Bottom line, i think no one should be forced , but those that chose not to should follow strictly follow the recommended guidelines .

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