Is proof proof?

This is just so true for today’s world. People are actually unable to step outside of their beliefs. No conversation about a different idea with change them. They will always find a reason to step back into their original position.

Today something reminded me of this quote from “The Mysterious Benedict Society” originally a book now a series on Disney Plus. “Proof is useless unless it’s proof of something people already want to believe.?

I think this is partly why those who chose not to be vaccinated are so set in their position. My oldest daughter works in a hospital in Georgia. When I spoke with her recently the hospital had 95 patients in with covid. Of that number 2 were vaccinated. I wish more cities would cite those statistics. However, it is possible that nothing will change many opinions.

2 thoughts on “Is proof proof?

  1. i think it works both ways when it comes to the vaccine. People have chosen a side now and they will stick with it no matter what. Honestly, i refuse to engage with anyone about it. I got vaccinated immediately being a nurse. But have seen many get Covid even with the vaccine. In fact, the case i have been at for 7 years- mom is the only one who was vaccinated in the family, and she got Civid with symptoms. the other family members did not get vaccinated, tested positive , but never had any symptoms. I worked in the household the entire time and tested negative for it. It’s all very confusing. After i had the vaccine i wound up with heart issues which i never had before( 2 weeks later that landed me in the hospital for 3 days of testing). No proof that it was the vaccine, still cant say . Bottom line, i think no one should be forced , but those that chose not to should follow strictly follow the recommended guidelines .

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  2. The body count keeps climbing and people are electing to take horse dewormer and not the vaccine. It’s sad that a vaccine became politicized. I personally know nine people who have contracted COVID, but some out there still claim it is a hoax. You are correct in that people seek validation of their beliefs and will discard any other information. The same people making fun of antivaxers last year are refusing the vaccine now that it’s available. I don’t wish this nasty virus upon anyone, but when they are given the chance to have the vaccine and refuse, hard to be sympathetic then.

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