Everything can change

I am preparing to move again. Change addresses, move my things, notify everyone necessary. I can’t believe I am having to do this again. I feel as if I am living in an alternate universe. When I think back over the last year and 1/2 it seems so unreal.

I have often thought about how quickly things can change. The song “What a difference a day makes” always seems to point to the swiftness with which life can alter. The song is talking about a change for the better but it can go either way.

6 thoughts on “Everything can change

    1. The Independent Living place I am moving is updating my apartment and it will not be ready for several more weeks. I have to be out of here by this weekend. I will be staying with my daughter and her family but I have to store my things and have a disjointed move. Aggravating but nothing I can do. Just stressful.

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