It is so frustrating to get an email today saying that my doctor at home has vaccine that I can get. Here I am stuck where I can’t do anything. There is still no way available to get the shots. Maybe someday.

It is so depressing and really hard to take. We stay home but so do many others so I guess I need to toughen up. Keep all of those who are in the same boat with us….in the vulnerable category and can do nothing in your thoughts and prayers.

14 thoughts on “Ruminating

  1. Please try not to fret. Everything in due time. The vaccine will not be the end of this. People who have received both doses are contracting the virus, and the vaccinated can still communicate the virus to others. This is the nature of a new drug. In time, hopefully these kinks will be worked out. Then, you will be all the better for your patience.


  2. i know it has to be many want it. I was actually not wanting it but had to..still, i am glad i did now. we are all praying for this to turn the corner…be strong, it will get there…hugs!!!


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